Autism is frequently associated with stigma and discrimination, leading to unmet medical and educational needs and missed opportunities to engage in daily social activities in their towns. According to studies, bullying has occurred in the lives of nearly two-thirds of autistic spectrum disorder sufferers aged 6 to 15.

The annual World Autism Awareness Day is observed on April 2. It is a recognized day worldwide that aims to educate the general public about the reality faced by people with autism and their families caring for them. On this day, international autistic organizations gather to encourage understanding and support for those with ASD. Additionally, this day offers a chance to emphasize the significance of ASD research, diagnosis, and treatment. 

What About Autism? 

The term "autism spectrum disorders" (ASD) refers to a group of pervasive developmental disorders defined by difficulties in social interaction and communication and by repetitive and constrained patterns of behaviour. Studies show that children with speech delay typically perform less well in the cognitive and adaptive domains use speech delay treatment These variations change throughout time and impact behavioural, social, and cognitive development.

A third of those with autism are considered stupid, and roughly 30% of children with autism have intellectual disabilities.

Symptoms of Autism 

Limited and repetitive behavioral and changes in speech and social interaction are the primary signs of ASD. Autism spectrum disorder symptoms that start in childhood can last into adolescence and adulthood. At the early stage of autism, you can use SpeechGears tools to reduce the signs of autism like TT-UD, TT-LR, tongue-steer, tactile tools, v-pen, talk-tip, pointed-tip, uni-tip, feeding tools, education learning tools, etc. 

Reason Behind Autism

The majority of studies show that a significant portion of ASD cases is genetically influenced:

  • Parents with an ASD kid have a 2% to 18% probability of having another ASD child.
  • Children with older parents are more likely to be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
  • In 36 to 95% of instances, if one of the identical twins has autism, the other will, too.
  • Less than a year between pregnancies; difficulties during pregnancy and labour.

Treatment of Autism

Feeding tools pediatrician or family doctor will conduct speech, social skills, motor development, and behavioural screenings during routine checkups. The doctor in question will probably send you to a specialist with experience in diagnosing ASD if they notice anything unusual about your child's development.

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Our expert SpeechGears India tells that, autism is a spectrum disorder, and every child will have different needs, particularly in education. To certain the services your child requires at school, professionals such as psychologists, teachers, social workers, and hearing and vision specialists will do their assessment.